Rise of the Runelords - New West!

Burnt Offerings, Part 2
Town Heroes

4047 Rova 1

After receiving the gratitude of the town leader, Harsk investigated the trail of the goblin raiders. He started with the sandstone cliff on the north edge of town where he had previously seen some of the raiders throwing looted food to their compatriates below. He tied himself off with a rope, and proceeded to carefully climb down the crumbling precipice. Once he reached the bottom, he scanned the piles of refuse, noting rotting food, broken furniture, and discarded raw materials, holding his breath when the refreshing sea breeze failed to snuff out the rotting stench.

He carefully made his way across the heap, descending on to the sandy beach, where he could see the tracks of many dozens of goblins. As he studied them, he heard a slight shuffle in the pile behind behind him and turned around just in time to lift his leg as a goblin dog slicer slashed under where he had been standing. From out of the rubbish came a goblin who had been hiding, and Harsk shifted his weight to pull out his great axe, but slipped on the slimy refuse, giving the goblin a chance to run down the beach. Harsk dropped his axe and shot at the fleeing goblin with his crossbow, wounding it but to no avail, as it disappeared into the night.

Meanwhile, Kyra spoke with Sheriff Hemlock and Mayor Deverin, who both expressed bewilderment at the attack. There was no precedent for such an attack in the 42 years of Sandpoint’s history. Of course, goblins had raided outlying farms over the years, but never a coordinated assault on the town like this. Father Abstalar joined them, and advised that an acolyte had discovered that the graveyard behind the Temple had been desecrated. The body of Father Tobyn, who had died in the temple fire in the Late Unpleasantness, was missing. No, the body of Nualia, his daughter, who also presumably had died in the fire, wasn’t missing, because it was never found. On rejoining Kyra, Harsk found three sets of prints in the graveyard — a human and two goblins — which had apparently snuck in and then back out through the grove at the back of the temple. And, more surprisingly, Harsk found a larger set of prints running along the south side of the temple, implying that the goblins had attacked in a coordinated manner from two directions.


Kyra and Harks returned to the White Deer, determined to follow the tracks the next day. When they arrived, Garidan, the inkeeper, greeted them warmly and with a well prepared feast. As he talked to the heroes, he inquired whether Harsk was married and mentioned many times that his daughter was of age…

4047 Rova 2

Karks and Kyra, and two of the town guard (James and Sebastian) spent all day tracking the trail of the goblins and the other figure to the east. They came across dozens of goblins in the Nettlewood to the east, who were being ordered around by a bugbear. They retreated, knowing that they were outclassed.

Sheriff Hemlock acknowledged their report, and asked them to stay in town to assist with any further defense in case of another attack. He was unwilling to send a group of militia to assault the Nettlewood directly.

4047 Rova 3

Harsk and Kyra joined Aldern on a boar hunt. He bought them both horses and spoke at length about the upcoming campaign to destroy the goblin menace. Harsk discovered Boar tracks. As he expertly prepared to quickly and humanely shoot the boar, Aldern began loudly proclaiming that he would dispatch the boar for the feast, carelessly shot an arrow and wounded it, enraging the boar and causing it to charge and gore one of Aldern’s manservents. It was a simple task for Harsk to dispatch the boar and Kyra to heal the servant, and on the way back Aldern seemed pleased with the team effort to secure the kill.

Harsk and Kyra joined Aldern for his feast in the Rusty Dragon Inn. Aldern continued to fawn over Kyra and praise her as being his saviour and his “Angel”, and, excited about the prospect of assaulting the goblins, proactively protecting the town, and avenging his brave dog Sniffles, who died bravely protecting him, promised to recruit a score of the ugliest, meanest mercenaries from The Shadow in Magnimar and bring them back to Sandpoint.

As the feast continued, they spoke with Ameiko, who praised them for stepping up to assist Sandpoint. While talking, a sobbing lady with two children burst in. Harsk and Kyra rushed to her house and found Gresgut, a goblin hero, who had been hiding under the floorboards. Gresgut had killed the woman’s husband. Kyra and Harsk were not able to get any information from Gresgut, other than that the goblins were led by “one of you longshanks”. Harsk then killed Gresgut.

Aldern advise that he was leaving for his estate to the south then continuing to Magnimar in the morning. He promised to be in touch within a fortnight.

4047 Rova 4

Shalelu met with the sheriff, the mayor, and Harsk and Kyra. She advised them that the goblins had been organizing. Sheriff Hemlock announced that he planned to travel to Magnimar to seek soldiers to garrison the town defenses, in light of the recent attack. Mayor Severing asked Harsk and Kyra to stay in town in order to help the town folk feel safe and secure.

Over the next few days, Kyra trained with the militia, which was on high alert. When Aldern left, she found a large bouquet of flowers, sweets, wine, and a cloak, with a note promising to be in touch and that the cloak would keep her safe. Harsk recurved word from the blacksmith that Aldern had commissioned a masterwork weapon for him in anticipation of future adventures.

4047 Rova 7

Harsk and Kyra were approached by a visibly upset halting woman. She told them that she worked with Ameiko, and that Ameiko hasn’t showed up that morning. When she investigated, she found a note in Ameiko’s room.

Burnt Offerings, Part 1
Festival and Fire

4047 Rova 1

Harsk and Kyra came to Sandpoint the day before the first of Rova, the traditional harvest festival. This year was a special festival because it was the dedication of a new temple to Desna and the other gods worshipped in the town of Sandpoint.

Kyra and Harsk spent the afternoon exploring the town. They made the acquaintance of scholar Broder Quink, who has taken up residence under the Old Light. They caught a pickpocket, James Baker, nearly starting a riot in the process. They had some sympathy, and let him go to the care of Jargie Quinn, owner of the Hagfish. They took up residence uptown in the White Deer Inn.

The day of the Swallowtail Festival, the town was attached by goblins. Harsk and Kyra took up arms to stop the goblins from slaughtering the townsfolk and setting fire to buildings. Sheriff Belor and Mayor Deverin were very grateful, as was Kyra’s new admirer, Aldern Foxglove.

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