Rise of the Runelords - New West!

Burnt Offerings, Part 1

Festival and Fire

4047 Rova 1

Harsk and Kyra came to Sandpoint the day before the first of Rova, the traditional harvest festival. This year was a special festival because it was the dedication of a new temple to Desna and the other gods worshipped in the town of Sandpoint.

Kyra and Harsk spent the afternoon exploring the town. They made the acquaintance of scholar Broder Quink, who has taken up residence under the Old Light. They caught a pickpocket, James Baker, nearly starting a riot in the process. They had some sympathy, and let him go to the care of Jargie Quinn, owner of the Hagfish. They took up residence uptown in the White Deer Inn.

The day of the Swallowtail Festival, the town was attached by goblins. Harsk and Kyra took up arms to stop the goblins from slaughtering the townsfolk and setting fire to buildings. Sheriff Belor and Mayor Deverin were very grateful, as was Kyra’s new admirer, Aldern Foxglove.


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